Thursday, 1 March 2012


I went into town today, town being Cambridge. Me and my littlest walked and walked around for a long long time - I was hoping she would fall asleep but she didn't. When you have grown up somewhere and are so used to it, you really dont appreciate it's beauty. There are so many Japanese tourists in Cambridge, and I always chuckle to myself at how excited they get about Kings College, because I just dont see Cambridge like that. So today I tried to see Cambridge from a tourists point of view, studying the beautiful detail in the architecture, the beautiful green spaces and the picturesque River Cam. I took loads of photos but my camera decided to play silly buggers and half of them are no good at all. But Cambridge really is so beautiful, I should appreciate it more.

I do love a nice red phone box. Or 4.

The beautiful Kings College, I will be taking a nice walk around all of the colleges another day I think.

St Johns College....look at the detail! Stunning!!

Every head around the edge of this college was different. 

There are even details in the pavement!

The River Cam
(This is where the camera started to go waffy - I had some lovely river shots aswell - this is adding to my reasons for wanting a new fancy DLSR camera!!)


Some of the houses in Central Cambridge are so beautiful, I thought this little street looked very quaint!

The Porters Lodge of Jesus College - love that beautiful blossom.

I then wandered around the market and a few shops, and then met up with the lovely ladies I spoke of yesterday. So off to Yo Sushi we went.... cue Justine retching about raw eels!! My littlest was very excited at all the dishes whizzing past, and I lost count of the times she said "Wow Mummy look at this one!" 

She didn't eat her 'spaghetti' (noodles!) though, still a bit squiffy from her tummy bug I think. So she played on her big sister's DS, with a chopstick, as we couldn't find the stylus.....

I actually really enjoyed my food (I didn't master the chopsticks though - I used the cheating chopsticks - but then had to resort to a spoon on the end) and the dessert I had - Lemon Shortbread Cake was yummy!! 

So my blanket is coming along, I will be adding some more tonight while snuggling on the sofa. I'm not the most patient person in the world so it's taking all my willpower not to put it down and do something else!! 


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