Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hello my lovelies!! Thanks for popping by on such a miserable day, I worked all weekend and the weather was beautiful (may I please state that where I work we have no windows), now I'm not at work it's horrid!! Typical. Am feeling a bit under the weather with a rotton cold looming so it's quite nice to cosy up inside really. 

So I finished my blanket! It's not as big as I'd hoped but because I made it one big blanket rather than joining squares together it was taking me ages just to do one round! So it's now a buggy / comfort blanket for my littlest girly.

I am proud of myself for getting the hang of it quite quickly, and this week I shall be teaching my friend to crochet (not that I'm even remotely close to being good enough to teach someone else, will just be the basics!!) I am now working on lots of different squares from my new 'blocks for afghans' book, some solid ones rather than ones with holes in! Am currently doing a square which is called 'lemon peel' which has a funny little bobbly effect. 

While I was upstairs taking this picture I thought I'd take some of the duvet cover I made for her bed.

It's a Cath Kidston fabric, it was a remnant I picked up from the outlet CK store close to where I live, I love going there and picking up some bargains!!

I love the delicate little flowers teamed with the gingham. Sweet but not overly floral!! 

This weekend I had a cake to do, and had to stay late at work so was a hectic weekend for me! I enjoyed it though and at least it gives me some more money to get saced for our little holiday we are going on in July. We are off to Dartmouth for the week, I cant wait. I much prefer holidaying in the UK, it's not too hot, you dont get sick from drinking the water, and you dont have to worry so much about getting too sunburnt ;) Although we would like to take the girls to Florida in a few years time. When my littlest starts school and I can start working full time then we can probably save up the money to go.

Here is the cake I did - I was given a picture of another cake that the custome wanted to recreate but with some different elements. The playing card cupcake toppers were also supplied by the customer. I was really pleased with the way it turned out! 

I've just put smallest girl in bed for a nap, and now I'm going to go and watch Breaking Dawn Part 1.... Eeeee!!!!! 


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