Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New name...

So I decided to change my blog name, as I am moving away from cakes a bit I dont want to solely be about them!! Sorry to confuse!! Let me explain the reason for the name choice though - my late Grandmother has inspired me to craft, she was a tailoress and was always making things, I remember her knitting dresses for my dolls and I used to love looking through all the little knitting patterns she had. She used to make lovely dinners and puddings too, she was a truly wonderful lady and it makes me so sad she never got to meet my little girls as they would have absolutely adored her. When she passed away I was a teenager who didn't care about much else other than themselves, and I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt alot of the time that I wasn't a nicer Grandaughter towards the end of her life. It's for this reason I like to do the things she used to enjoy, I do enjoy them aswell but I feel I am almost making up for lost time and carrying on her legacy. So, the name - my Nan always loved robins, and whenever I see one I am always reminded of her. When I was a little girl she used to sing a song to me called "I've got sixpence", which is why I chose the blog title "A Robin & A Sixpence".


We went to the Norfolk coast at the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful!! (Camera went waffy on quite a few occasions, very annoyed!) It wasn't quite the weather we were hoping for, but I would prefer it like this than blazing hot. There were so many people with dogs there! We have been discussing the idea of a dog for some time now, and seeing all these dogs made me want one even more! 

We had a lovely time walking, collecting shells and splashing in the water. Cue crying smallest girl with wet tights, and biggest girl not waiting for smallest girl resulting in more crying....!

After our little walk we went for lunch at a little cafe just at the top of the road to the beach, it was so so beautiful in there, lovely vintage crockery, knitted tea cosies for the teapots, painted tables and chairs, and a big fat yummy sausage baguette and carrot cake!! I took pictures of the lovely plates and tea cosies, but you can guess what happened. Why is it always the pictures that are the nicest?!! 

We then drove along the coast to Sheringham where we had great fun chucking the big pebbles in the sea (I was slightly scared that my biggest girl was going to knock her Dad out with a stone at one point). There are some lovely little shops but I was really proud of myself that I didn't spend any money!! 

My biggest girl has been a bit poorly this week, I wish all this illness would jog on!! Cant wait for a bit of sunshine, I thought it was on it's way but then we had a big downpour on Sunday with snow aswell?! Talk about random!!

Am back to work this weekend, but have a big poker themed cake to do aswell. Am getting up to date with my sewing too, have made my littlest a new duvet cover for her junior bed as I cant find any nice reasonably priced ones anywhere! (Will take a picture when it is in on!!) Have finished a few other bits I was needing to do, now I need to get on with my Mum's Mothers Day present, and my Easter decorations - am going to make the girls little Easter baskets this year, they get far too much chocolate without me getting them an egg, I found some Easter Eggs in the back of the cupboard from last year that had been forgotten about! I am also on the look out for a little display tree, I might have to just paint a branch for the garden and put it in a pot! If anyone knows somewhere I can get one please let me know!!


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