Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Proud Mummy Wednesday

So today was my biggest girl's class assembly, they have been doing a project on dinosaurs. Every class in the school does an assembly through the year and the whole of the primary school and all the parents from that class come and watch. They all had to make a dinosaur mask and wear dinosaur colours! My daughter read a story to the whole school that she had made up herself, and yes I did have a little cry. I was so so proud of her. So I thought I would buy her a little treat. (Funny story - we had a leaflet through the door to say a new kebab van would be opening on the high street around the corner from us - after her assembly she came bounding over, I told her I was so proud of her, she then said "As you're so proud of me, can we go to Sam's Kebab?!" Haha!!!)

Every time we have been in HomeSense and seen their lovely easter display she has wanted one of these bunnies, so I nipped in after doing my food shop to get one. I also bought her a pretty little hair band, she's such a girly girl.

 My littlest girl is still recovering from her sicky bug, she seems fine now though as she is now arguing with her sister - back to normal!! Oh and eating biscuits!! 

Tomorrow I am off on a little jolly into town to meet the lovely Justine from Emma Bear Forever, and another friend, Julie. I think we are having lunch at Yo Sushi.... I have never been there before so am looking forward to it - think I'll steer clear of the raw fish though!


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