Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Instagram Addict & A Bit Of A Waffle......

Sorry haven't been about, not sure where the days are going at the moment!! 

I trust you are all well?!

I've recently got a new iPhone and have disovered Instagram, which I am completely addicted to, so all my pictures will be in Instagram now.... I think it just makes them look so much better :D :D 

So I have been very very busy lately with squares for my new sofa blanket, I think I need to make around 80 in total.....and I'm not even a 1/4 of the way there!!

My littlest girl started pre-school this week and man did I cry!! I was literally on the verge of uncontrallable hysterics. She went in absolutely fine but it was still upsetting. She had some problems when I was carrying her, I'll try and explain it as best and short winded as I can! At my 20wk scan they discovered one of her lungs was full of cysts, the medical term was called Congenital Cystic Adenematoid Malformation (CCAM for short) but we wouldn't know the severity of it until she was born. We had to keep going for regular scans to see how the cysts were developing and if they were putting any strain on her heart, cue heart specialists from Great Ormond St and top consultants at our local hospital, which we are very lucky to live so close to - Addenbrookes is such an amazing hospital. Anyway I was scanned right up until my due date, and they said it was growing but not faster than she was. So anyway I was all ready for a natural birth but she was late, so I had an elective c section, and she was absolutely fine. We stayed in hospital for one night and then came home. At 8 months old she had an opration to remove the lower lobe of her lung as it was thought the cysts may become cancerous. The 6 hours she was in theatre were the worst six hours of my life (they told me it would only take 4 hours) and leaving her to go down there was THE hardest thing I have ever done, it was the first and only time I have ever had a panic attack. So she came up and was fine, a bit puffy but okay. There were a few complications with the operation but they sorted it in the end. She was put on intensive care for a couple of days, and I can honestly say that that ward is the most dreadful place. So so many poorly children it breaks your heart. She was meant to be sedated for 12 hours but woke up and was trying to pull the tube out of her throat and chuck herself off the bed :) 
So going through all of that was pretty horrific, and to see her all grown up going to pre-school is just such a big milestone, and if I'm honest, it's one I had almost considered we would never reach. 

Sorry to have waffled there!!

Do you like my mini paper bunting? I shamelessy pinched the idea from Lucy at Attic24 who is a major inspiration to me! 

I shall share with you a few more Instagram pics I think :D

These are a couple of little keepsake boxes I picked up for next to nothing from HomeSense (I think they were Valentines stock) I love that place, such bargains!! 

This is some writing I have above my sofa - for anyone who doesn't know - "Cwtch" is Welsh for "cuddle". They are just letters bought from Hobbycraft and painted to match my colour scheme, then stuck on with blu-tac. High tech, I know.

This is my lovely old sewing machine, I dont use it, I just like to look at it. I picked it up for a tenner from a charity shop!! What a bargain :) 

Now for some cake pics, which aren't instagram (boooooo)

A sleepover cake 

 Russian Doll cake!! 

I haven't done many cakes lately, so I have been enjoying it alot more. Now I work part time the pressure is off so I dont need to earn as much from it, so am not needing to do as many orders. And the extra money on top is very handy for things like new fabrics.......

This is the newest range of Makower London fabrics, I think they have sold out pretty quickly! Not sure what to do with them yet but have got some elastic to make skirts for my little girlies, so they may be getting one from this fabric!! 

Will try not to leave it so long next time :) 


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