Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Crochet mad.....

I really am terrible at keeping this up to date aren't I?

What is up with this weather?! I think there has only been 2 days in the past month that it hasn't rained, it's getting depressing now. 

Since my last post I have been crocheting like crazy, I taught my lovely friend Charlotte and now she is also an addict. 

I made these lovely coasters from a pattern on LuLu Loves, you can find it here

They were so easy to make, very satisfying and quick to make if you are an impatient pants like me. I like to crochet on the bus to work (which results in weird stares from young people and lots of old ladies talking to me) and I found I could make one on the way and one the way back. I made so many of them that I was going to make them into some sort of blanket or table runner, but then I decided to join them all together with a chain stitch in a contrasting colour to make a garland for my kitchen window. I'm so pleased with it, and I love the way the light shines through the little holes! 

So my blanket is coming along nicely, but I do need little projects like the coasters to do in between to keep me from getting bored!
 Here it is so far.....

I have joined 4 squares together and edged with treble crochet, then joined those squares together (told you I was impatient, I have to be able to see some progress otherwise I lose interest) So there are now 5 big squared joined together. I need to do 2 more rows like this then will join them all, so will be 5 big squares long by 3 big squares wide. Then I will do a treble crochey edge around them all and maybe some little fancy bobble edging. Am looking forward to finishing it, I have 32 more little squares to make....!

I found another little project to keep me going in between - I loved the coasters and the petals around the edge so I wanted to make something a bit bigger - I saw a rug on Instagram which I loved and wanted to make something similar. The kind lady who made it pointed me in the right direction, it originated from Finland and it was a bit of a faff finding the pattern. When I did find it, it didn't make that much sense and I had to unpick it a few times - it started to curl inwards like I was making a hat, so I tweaked the pattern and wrote my own variation out. I am so pleased with it!! I can see me making lots more :) 

It looks so lovely with something on it too

Well my littlest is really enjoying pre-school, so that's really good - she only goes for 2 hours though so it's not really long enough for me to actually get anything done. In September she will be going for a couple of full days though so I can either do some extra hours at work or just faff about at home doing not a lot!! 
My biggest  girl started ballet a couple of weeks ago and loves it, she's not known for her coordination bless her!! She will also be starting horse-riding soon hopefully!! 

Our little holiday is getting closer, am really looking forward to getting away!! 

Bye for now :)



  1. Lovely stuff. Can not believe how quickly you have become addicted! xxxxxxx Love your blog ♥

  2. I found your sweet blog through Emma Bear and wanted to say hi! love your crochet work the bunting is so cute :) have a happy week sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. I've just come over from Emma Bear too - wow @ your crochet so delicate looking :)

  4. Just popping in to say hello after hearing about your blog from Justine, I've been looking for a flower garland pattern thanks very much for the link I shall try it out tonight. Off for a proper nosy now!!!