Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jubilee Fever

Isn't this weather just so beautiful!!!! 

After all that rain we had, one of our fields flooded, the poor cows were all stuck on one little dry patch, I was coming back from the shop one evening and I had to stop and take this picture - it just looked so beautiful. The field is dry now after all the lovely weather we have been having and the cows have a dry home once again!

Well I'm getting a bit of a Jubilee magpie at the moment, anything with a crown or Union jack on it and I feel I have to buy it, it's actually getting a tad ridiculous but nevermind! 

                                                       Oh and not forgetting my lovely Emma Bridgewater Jubilee mug :) 

 Have been suffereing with a bad neck so not done alot of crafting this week.

However last week I did make some Jubilee clothes for my girlies (told you I was obsessed)

They are both made from the lovely Makower London fabric that I posted a little while ago. I used a tutorial on the skirt from MADE which you can find here - I love Dana's creations!

Now this tunic - I completely winged it and made it up as I went along, and it turned out too small. I'm hoping I can let the arms out a bit as the holes are too small, and then hopefully it will be okay!!

I had a wedding cake and cupcakes to do last week, and it was such a beautiful colour scheme - sage green. The colour on the cakes looked so sophisticated. The weather was lovely too for the happy couple :)

 I finally ordered the rest of my yarn to get my blanket finished, I feel like it's been going on for an age! I had a bit of a nightmare as my usual online stockist didn't have any more of one of my colours so I had to search the web in a panic trying to get some for a decent price instead of £5 p/50g (I begrudge paynig that for yarn!!) I managed to find some on Ebay, so I have no excuses now!!

Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday weekend and enjoy your Jubilee celebrations, we dont have anything planned as yet.... I do have the bunting up though ;)

Take care all,

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