Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Chatter chatter chatter

Welcome to my blog..... I've only started this because I love to talk, and sometimes, what with being a stay at home mum, people to talk to all day are few and far between - there's only so many conversations about Peppa Pig you can have with a 2 year old, and only so many times you can ask "What did you do at school today" only to get "I cant remember" from your 5 year old. Don't get me wrong I love my girls and chatting with them, but I thought I would like somewhere to say what I wanted to say, not what I thought I should say or what someone else thinks I should say!

So let me tell you about me, I am in my late twenties with 2 daughters and a partner of 7 years (dont speak to me about weddings) and we live in a little village in Cambridgeshire. Last year I started up my own cake business from home, things are going good - the plan is to build up a big enough customer base so I dont have to return to full time work when daughter number 2 starts school. I also love to make things, I love sewing and have recently got my sewing machine back from being fixed so hopefully will be getting started with lots of crafty bits soon.

The next project we are taking on is to make a play kitchen out of 2 unused bedside tables.... hoping we can pull it off and give it to the girls for Christmas, much prefer handmade presents!!

I have got a wedding to prepare for this weekend, making 120 purple roses for cupcakes...... aaagghhhh!!

Please keep visiting for cakes, crafty projects and ramblings :)

Leanne x

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